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HVAC and Home Improvement Blog

HVAC and Home Improvement Blog

Where's the Best Placement for My Home Thermostat?

Thermostat Placement Problems Affecting Your HVAC Efficiency

Your thermostat plays a crucial role in your home. It controls the heating and cooling system to adjust the temperature of your home to ensure comfort. You may have never considered that the actual placement of the thermostat could..

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Should I Replace My Thermostat? What is the Cost?

Being a homeowner is a costly endeavor. We get it. When a home improvement or maintenance project comes up, your first thought is to run the numbers. We break down all of the factors that you'll need to consider if you want to replace your thermostat on your air conditioner.

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Swamp Coolers vs Central Air in Las Vegas: The Pros & Cons

Not sure which type of HVAC system you need for your Las Vegas home? Contact your HVAC experts at the Cooling Company today 702-567-0707.

Having a functional and effective cooling system is of vital importance in the summer, particularly for homeowners who live in warmer climates. Unfortunately,..

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Las Vegas Home

Did you know, Las Vegas recently made a list of cities with the worst outdoor air pollution? While everyone understands that the outdoors in a big city can be clouded by pollution, many people overlook the fact that indoor air quality is also important.

Because poor indoor air quality can..

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3 Reasons Your Water Heater Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit

Are you a Las Vegas homeowner who's having issues with your water heater? Call the Cooling Company at 702-567-0707. We'll answer all of your questions and get to the source of the problem.

When confronted with icy showers, most homeowners assume that the pilot light on their water heater has..

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Avoiding the Dangers of No Air Conditioning in the Summer

Las Vegas may be the entertainment capital of the world, but the heat that this desert city endures during the summer weather is excessive and unbearable at times. Having an air conditioner here is a must, unless you want to get baked in the Las Vegas heat wave.

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Is Air Conditioning a Luxury or a Necessity for Las Vegans?

Today, in cities such as Las Vegas where temperatures during the summer can easily go over 100 degrees, it is not debatable whether having air conditioning systems is a luxury or a necessity. Gone are the days when only a few homes could afford installing an AC system in their homes to regulate..

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3 Common Causes of AC Fires and How to Prevent Them

Avoid costly AC repairs with regular maintenance. Call your Las Vegas and Henderson air conditioning experts today at 702-567-0707 and ask about our maintenance plans.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there were a reported 7400 fires in 2010 across the United States that..

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